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PLEASE NOTE: All applications need to be sent directly to Kevin Ryan for aproval BEFORE you can go to the ISF Seminar.
Thank You

Training Materials
  1. 2016 ASA / USA Mechanics Defined (REV-02-03-2016)

  2. 2016 Oregon ASA - State Umpire School - "North"

  3. 2016 Playing Rules Changes with Comments

  4. 2016 Code Changes with Comments

  5. 2016 Procedural Manual Changes with Comments

  6. Slow Pitch Plate - Power point

  7. 3 Umpire System - Power point

  8. Obstruction - Power point

  9. Game Management - Power point

  10. Pre-Post Game Expectations

  11. Post-Game Self-Evaluation

Oregon ASA Umpire News
May 2013 Plays and Clarifications
Article regarding the 2010 Oregon ASA Umpire Clinic ~ Training the Trainers Session Official Bat
Mechanic Changes 2009 Bat Certification Letter
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