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Rule 3 Section 1 The Official Bat.

Questions on legal or illegal bats are a constant source of inquiry and keeping everyone updated is an on-going task. The Equipment Testing and Certification Committee is doing an outstanding job in keeping abreast of ever changing technologies in softball equipment. They are very helpful to our umpires by sharing information as quickly as possible.

An item of interest for this month is the Mizuno Orange Crush bat. There are models bearing the same model number of MZC-4. One has the ASA 2000 Certification stamp on it and is approved by ASA. The newer version, just recently introduced to the market, is on the Non-Approved list, does not have any ASA certification mark and is NOT APPROVED.

The non-approved version has a clear graphic distinction with the word “Original” on the bat. Please share this information with other umpires in your local association.

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